RPV 7700 Traversing System

BERGMANN Roll-Packer

Roll-Packer RPV 7700 Traversing System

Compaction in several open containers in a row

  • Compaction of large quantities of garbage and waste in several open containers in a row   
  • Volume reduction of garbage and waste in open containers.
  • Crushing and compaction in layers by a rolling movement of a heavy, specially equipped compaction drum
  • Compaction directly in open containers to a length of 7m
  • Continuous filling

Working method

  1. Open container prior to the compaction, conventionally filled with cable drums.   
  2. During compaction with the Roll-Packer Traversing System, it can be continuously refilled. 
  3. The specially equipped compaction drum breaks, tears and compacts the waste.      
  4. The result: A compaction to a minimum of the original volume.