Welcome at BERGMANN - Machines for waste management

The company BERGMANN has manufactured machines for waste management for over 50 years.​

BERGMANN offers its customers in industry, trade and the public domain, through a large number of patented machines with  outstanding characteristics, efficient solutions, which result in a drastic reduction of waste disposal costs.

The BERGMANN program comprises four product groups for waste compaction, which enables the economic compaction of virtually all materials for the most diverse disposal issues:

  • BERGMANN Roto Compactor  as a compact solution for the compaction of waste directly at the work site.
  • BERGMANN Roll-Packer for compacting waste in open containers. Depending upon the request, household waste or cans can also be compacted in addition to disposable pallets, wooden boxes or bulky garbage.
  • BERGMANN Alpha-Pack-Bins exhibit some patented characteristics, which bring monetary advantages. Predestined for cardboard boxes, paper and foil, the otherwise necessary cleaning operations can be dispensed with and stand apart, in addition to the highest compaction results, behind the compacting piston in the foreground.
  • BERGMANN Mobile-Pack-Bins are then in your element, if you need to compact wet or difficult garbage. These proven compaction boxes work with a pendulum blade - an invention of Bergmann. Also, cleaning operations can be dispensed with via standard waterproof Mobile-Pack-Bins.btained.

Minimal effort - maximum efficiency

A common characteristic of all machines is continuous filling without pause and easy emptying. You achieve the highest compaction results with a minimum maintenance cost.

Intensive and consistent material and production controls, as well as the inspection of the aggregates concerning their continuous ability to produce, ensure the high reliability and longevity of BERGMANN machines.

The technical conception is in line with economy. The dimensions and weights are designed in such a way that optimal capacity is possible in the smallest amount of space.

We will be there for you after your product purchase:
Worldwide well-trained service teams with a longstanding experience within the selling and service network are at the disposal of the customer.

Bergmann machines - proven for over 50 years

"Made in Germany" is still today a mark of quality. Particularly with Bergmann products.

Which you always have for a waste or garbage problem: Regarding the know how of our products, we have over 5 decades of experience.