Roto-Compactor APS 800/600

BERGMANN Roto-Compactor

Roto-Compactor APS 800/600

Continuously chargeable waste compactor with rotating compaction unit for roller bins

  • Waste compactor for recyclable wastes and residual wastes
  • Crushing and compaction of the waste through right/left rotation of a specially equipped steel drum
  • Continuous filling
  • compaction is a 600- and/or 800-liter roller bin

Working method

  1. After inserting the container, a continuous filling can take place via the large-dimensioned filler chute by everyone.
  2. Collection, crushing and compaction of the waste through rotating special drum.
  3. The roller bin with the highly compacted material can be easily removed and transported.
  4. Subsequent collection by disposer.