Integrated lift-tipping-device

BERGMANN Mobile-Pack-Bin

Integrated lift-tipping-device for revolving emptying system

Integrated hydraulic tipping-device for emptying waste bins

  • Secure and rapid emptying of revolving emptying system into the Alpha-Pack-Bin and/or Mobile-Pack-Bin.
  • Can be used everywhere, where, in several places in the plant, materials accumulate, which are first collected in standardised small containers and then introduced to a central place.
  • Automatic lifting and tipping of the container with extreme net weights.
  • Due to the special design, containers with different dimensions (e.g. different comb heights) can be tipped easily.
  • The tipping mechanism that can be integrated in various Alpha-Pack-Bins of the types APB 607, APB 606 and APB 616 (unwinder).
  • The tipping mechanism that can be integrated in various trash compaction boxes of the types MPB 906 and MPB 907 (unwinder).

Working method

  1. Bergmann Alpha-Pack-Bin, connected to an existing electrical connection
  2. The waste bin with up to 1,100-liter volume is pushed into the pick-up device
  3. By means of hydraulics, the container is raised and lifted
  4. Containers of various designs and pick-up systems can be tipped. (design-dependent)
  5. The series of pictures below shows tipping processes with comb lifting system and pivot take-up at the Alpha-Pack-Bin model APB 607