RPM 7700 Mobile Jumbo

BERGMANN Roll-Packer

Roll-Packer RPM 7700 Mobile Jumbo

Mobile compaction in several open containers

  • Mobile compaction and compaction of large quantities of garbage and waste in several open containers
  • Crushing and compaction in layers by a rolling movement of a specially equipped compaction drum
  • compaction directly in open containers to a length of 7 m
  • Continuous filling
  • With container moving device for container weights up to 10 tonnes

Working method

  1. The Mobile Jumbo at a recycling plant, a typical location of use. Here, all containers can be compacted with just one Mobile Jumbo
  2. The specially equipped compaction drum breaks, tears and compacts the waste. It can also be filled continuously during the compaction process. 
  3. Once the container is filled, it is pulled be means of the moving device from the container place without using a truck and made ready for transport.
  4. Now an empty container is taken from the depot and put back into the row.