Over four decades of experience are reflected in proven quality.

Bergmann, as a manufacturer with the greatest experience of the entire market and the owner of many innovative inventions and patents, is known for developing high-quality products that lead the competition.

Thus, the enterprise has created for itself an internationally recognised name. All Bergmann products are completely "Made in Germany". Our success shows that this philosophy is a recognised attribute of quality.

Satisfying our customers is our highest quality target. This competence, reliability and permanent dialogue, in connection with rapid and unconventional trading ensure this requirement.

The basis of the high quality and efficiency is the well-trained employees with many years of practical experience. The specialised competence is documented by the symbol of quality  "Master Establishment – Member of Specialised Guild"Apart from internal, consistent and intensive material and production controls, as well as examination of the continuous output capability, all products are also certified by independent testing institutes:


Approval marks should be an orientation and decision-making aid so that a selection can be made from the variety of products offered on the market. It is nothing more than the mark of confidence in the quality of the product and/or the efficiency of the company.

Many Bergmann’s production model machines are certified according to TÜV Guidelines.

The TÜV Product Service, recognised as a international certification organisation, assesses the respective product according to the guidelines of the German Equipment Safety Law (GSG), the regulations for accident prevention of the Accident Prevention & Insurance Association , DIN and EN Standards, as well as others, generally recognised as the rules of technology. Tied in with such assessments is the regular monitoring of the production plants.

Bergmann machines are GS-certified.

In order to be allowed to affix the GS mark, the manufacturer must subject its product to a test by a certified examination organisation, the TÜV. If all requirements are met, the manufacturer receives a product-related certificate and may, thereby, affix the GS mark to its product. In order to retain the certificate, annual monitorings of the production sites are conducted.

Bergmann machines have the CE label.

With the CE label, the responsible manufacturers validate the conformity of their product with the applicable EU Guidelines and the compliance to the "substantial requirements" specified therein pursuant to Art. 95 EU-Contract (the so-called domestic market guidelines).
In the EU Guidelines, numerous health and safety requirements are set as minimum requirements for products, and these may not be undermined. A product may only be brought onto the market and accepted into operation, if it corresponds to the regulations of all applicable EU Guidelines and if a conformity assessment procedure has been conducted pursuant to the applicable EU Guidelines.

Our quality standard

We achieve our goals in terms of performance, costs and deadlines through consistently applied quality management. We therefore pave the way in terms of high customer satisfaction and lay the foundation for the economic success of our company.
Our quality management system is oriented according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001 and stands in a constant process of evaluation.