Roto-Compactor PS 1400-E

BERGMANN Roto-Compactor

Roto-Compactor PS 1400-E (1400 litre capacity)

Continuously chargeable waste compactor for 1400 liter PE foil bag

  • Waste compactor for recyclable wastes and residual wastes
  • Crushing and compaction of the waste through right/left rotation of a specially equipped steel drum
  • Continuous filling
  • Waste compaction in a 1400-liter PE foil bag

Working method

  1. Mounting a 1400-litre PE film bag in the packing station
  2. Continuous filling by everyone via the large-dimensioned filler chute.
  3. Collection, crushing and compaction of the waste through rotating special drum
  4. The highly compacted material can be easily removed and transported via a pallet truck and previously inserted euro-pallet.
  5. Subsequent collection by disposer