RPT 7700 Trans-Pack-Flexible

BERGMANN Roll-Packer

Roll-Packer RPT 7700 Trans-Pack-Flexible

Mobile compaction in several containers at different locations

  • Mobile compaction of large quantities of garbage and waste in several open containers at different locations
  • Volume reduction of garbage and waste in open containers.
  • Crushing and compaction in layers by a rolling movement of a specially equipped compaction drum
  • Compaction directly in open containers to a length of 7m
  • Continuous filling

Working method

  1. Morning departure of the Trans-Pack to the daily application at 5 different container places with altogether 27 containers.
  2. The Trans-Pack at the first container place with 5 containers. It can also be continuously filled during the compaction process. 
  3. After completing the compaction mode at the first container place, the truck drives to the second container place with the Trans-Pack.
  4. After completing the daily application, the Trans-Pack can be rolled away and the truck can be used for other journeys.