Roto-Compactor PS 8100

BERGMANN Roto-Compactor

Roto-Compactor PS 8100

Continuously chargeable waste compactor with rotating compaction unit

  • collects, shreds and compacts the waste by a specially equipped steel drum, which ensures a compaction rate of up to 9:1 1 guarantees
  • compacts through an alternating right / left rotation of the special drum that constantly keeps the waste under pressure
  • allows for a continuous filling by everybody - the filler chute can also remain open during the work process
  • compacts waste in a transparent PE bag
  • The installation can take place directly at the collection site of the waste on your premises.
  • is ideally suitable for continuous filling through chutes or conveyor belts
  • is easy to operate
  • corresponds to CE norms
  • is particularily low-maintenance
  • has proven in more than 10 years in whole Europe

Working method

  1. Mounting the PE film bag in the packing station and locking the doors
  2. Continuous filling by everyone through the large-dimensioned filler chute.
  3. Collection, crushing and compaction of the waste through rotating special drum.
  4. The highly compacted material can be easily removed and transported via a pallet truck and PE bag. Subsequent collection by disposer.